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EXFO TK-FF Optical Fiber Finder Kit - LFD-300B Fiber Identifier and TG-300B Fiber Toner

EXFO Part No.: TK-FF

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The EXFO TK-FF kit includes both the LFD-300B FiberFinder live fiber detector and TG-300B tone generator along with a case, AC adapter, and an instrument clamp to aid single person operation.

The EXFO Fiber Finder can identify traffic, direction, and tone detection on both active and dark fibers. With less than 1dB of induced loss, a live fiber can quickly be located and the power measured while minimizing network access time and the possibility for errors.

The TG-300B is a non-intrusive, non-disruptive tone generator. Because of the low 0.2dB typical loss, they can be used on live fibers.

The Fiber Finder and Toner work on all wavelengths and fiber types. One headpiece works on 900μm, 1.6mm, and 3mm jackets and tones of 270Hz, 1kHz, and 2kHz.

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For detecting dark/live fibers or identifying a particular dark fiber using a pulse light (270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz), traditional LFD functionalities do the trick. However, they cannot pinpoint a specific live fiber.

Combined with the TG-300B, a non-intrusive, non-disruptive clip-on signature generator that is based on FiberFinder technology, EXFO's LFD-300B addresses this need with guaranteed low loss.

Installed at the transmitter site, the TG-300B adds a typical 0.25 dB signature to the live signal by applying a soft low-frequency modulation pressure to the fiber. This signature is then detected at the other end by the LFD-300B, in mere seconds.


  • TG-300B Tone Generator and LFD-300B Live Fiber Identifier
  • 4 AA battery per unit
  • AC adapter
  • Light cap
  • Soft carrying case (GP-10-071)
  • Instruction manual and certificate of compliance


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