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Fiber Optic Installation
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Fiber Optic Installation

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Today's designers and installers must address a host of changing building codes, environmental issues, proper design, routing and topology concerns when building a fiber network. Fiber Optic Installation covers the numerous issues involved with the proper placement of optical communication systems for LANs, WANs and MANs.


  • Indoor campus installations:
    • Campus
    • Plenum/risers
    • Pulling cable
    • Cable trays/raceways
    • Conduits
    • Air blown fiber (ABF)
  • Outdoor cable installations:
    • Direct buried
    • Trench installations
    • Boring
    • Pressurized cable
    • Vaults, manholes, and handholes
  • Aerial installations:
    • OPGW
    • ADSS
    • Lashing
    • Aerial ducts
    • Figure eight
  • Special issues:
    • Building codes
    • Installation standards
    • Grounding/bonding
    • Firewalls
    • Cable markings
    • Slack points
    • Routing


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