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Triplett Byte RWC1000K2CS Real World Certifier Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-770X050

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Triplett Byte RWC1000K2CS Real World Certifier Kit

The Triplett Byte Brothers RWC1000K2CS Real World Certifier is the perfect tester for UTP Cables and LAN devices. Speed tests with nanosecond accuracy will certify cables for use in 10-MB, 100-MB and Gigabit networks. Cable tests include length of each cable pair, locating opens/shorts/distance to fault, locating split pairs and distance to split, wire map, NEXT and NEXT(FAR), propagation delay, skew, speed projection (Level 1), attenuation, hot splits and speed certification (Level 2).

The RWC1000K2CS cable certifier includes the main and remote units, 2 CAT5e patch cables, 64 Passed stickers, two 9-V batteries, instructional DVD and user's manual in a protective zippered case. This 2-pound kit measures 7.625" x 9.5" x 3". One-year warranty.

The RWC1000K2CS full-featured toner/probe tones all four pairs individually to locate wires in crowded wiring closets. It offers a non-conductive tip and volume control. Single-sided and inline port tests check the ability of the hub, switch or PC to communicate quickly. Do single-sided tests without powering down devices or unplugging cables in crowded wiring closets. Perfect for locating a port, the Real World Certifier sends out a "beacon" illuminating the link light on a hub, switch or PC.

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