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TTU01-ET100 Fractional T1 to Ethernet access unit AC powered (sub T1 link port for unused T1 channels)

CTC Union Part No.: TTU01-ET100

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The TTU01-ET100 access unit is a DSU unit providing a bridge between Ethernet 10/100Base-TX interface and a fractional T1 (DS1) interface, 100Ohms RJ48c style. TTU01-AC is available with AC (100-240V) power supply.

TTU01-ET100 packs data on user selected DS0 channels. Unused channels can have Idle state or received channel state for cascade operation. TTU01 is a top model for T1 access units, being able to provide Ethernet bridge.

Features of TTU01-ET100 access unit
Terminates Fractional T1 service
Includes one 10/100Base-TX Ethernet bridge module for direct T1 to Ethernet bridging
Clock regeneration from AMI or B8ZS data, multiple clock source
V.54 diagnostic capabilities for loopback
19" rack mountable with optional rack mounting kit
AC 100-240V power available, power cord supplied in the package

Technical specifications

Connectors: 1 slots for data module (10/1000Base-TX Ethernet bridge module) and T1 DB15 female/RJ48c 100ohm connector for T1 access
Framing: Unframed/Framed CCS/CAS/CRC4
Data rate: 1544Kbps unframed, n X 64Kbps or n X 56Kbps(n=1~24)
LEDs: PWR/ TD/ RD/ RTS/ DCD/ T-CLK Loss/ Red Alarm/ Sync Loss/ Yellow Alarm/ Err/ Test
Power: AC 100-240V plug
Temperature: 0-50§C (Operating), 0 - 70§C (Storage)
Humidity: 5%-90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 195mm x 110mm x 45mm
Weight: 900g
Compliance: ANSI T1.403, AT&T TR-62411, ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706, G.732, G.824

Additional information on TTU01-ET100: PDF Datasheet; PDF Installation Manual.



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