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VIAVI FBP-MTS-101 P5000i Digital Scope w/FiberChekPRO & 7 Tips

Fosco Connect Part No.: FBP-MTS-101

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VIAVI FBP-MTS-101 P5000i Digital Scope w/FiberChekPRO & 7 Tips

The VIAVI (formerly JDSU) FBP-MTS-101 Digital Microscope Kit offers the P5000i handheld fiber inspection scope for automated inspection and certification of fiber end-face quality, according to IEC standards or user-selectable criteria. The probe features automatic image centering, repeatable pass/fail analysis, plus dual magnification (200X and 400X) in both live and analysis views. The FiberChekPRO™ software is provided for analysis and generation of detailed reports. Connect the device with your current VIAVI platform, laptop, PC via USB or mobile Android device using FiberChekMOBILE (available at Google Play), and get instant pass/fail results.

The FBP- MTS-101 fiber certification kit includes a microscope, 7 inspection tips (bulkhead: SC, LC, FC, SC-APC; and patch cords: 2.5mm, 1.25mm, 2.5mm APC), FiberChekPRO software installation disk, manual, carrying case for tips and soft bag.

VIAVI P5000i digital Analysis Microscope Datasheet



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