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VIAVI FBP-P5000i Digital Inspection Microscope with FiberChekPRO

Fosco Connect Part No.: FBP-P5000I

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VIAVI FBP-P5000i Digital Inspection Microscope with FiberChekPRO

The VIAVI (formerly JDSU) FBP-P5000i Handheld Fiber Inspection Microscope provides an automated inspection and certification of fiber end-face quality, according to IEC standards or user-selectable criteria. Connect the device with your current VIAVI platform, laptop, PC via USB or mobile Android device using FiberChekMOBILE (available at Google Play), and get instant pass/fail results. With automatic image centering, repeatable pass/fail analysis, dual magnification (200X and 400X) in both live and analysis views, the device accepts FBPT series tips to inspect all connector types. It includes FiberChekPRO™ software for analysis and generation of detailed reports.

The FBP-P5000i fiber certification microscope comes with an inspection tip (patch cord: 2.5mm), FiberChekPRO software installation disk, manual, carrying case for tips and soft bag.

VIAVI P5000i Digital Analysis Microscope Datasheet



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