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VIAVI FIT-FC-KIT3 FiberChek Probe Microscope Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIT-FC-KIT3

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VIAVI FIT-FC-KIT3 FiberChek Probe Microscope Kit

The VIAVI (formerly JDSU) FIT-FC-KIT3 FiberChek™ probe microscope features an integrated touch screen, live fiber viewing, auto-center, auto-focus and automated fiber end-faces (both patch cord and bulkhead) analysis. It allows technicians to climb towers, access high-density patch panels, check multi-fiber ribbon connectors, as well as test connectors on cards and circuit boards.

You can set up criteria for pass/fail testing with the FiberChek probe. Store, name, manage, grade and recall test results directly on the probe or export via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB. It supports all existing FBPT inspection tips and is compatible with other VIAVI test devices.

The VIAVI test kit 3 includes the FiberChek probe, tip case, inspection tips (SC, LC, SC/APC, universal 2.5 mm, 1.25 mm, and 2.5 mm APC polish), plus carrying case.

VIAVI FiberChek Orobe Microscope Datasheet



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