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VIAVI FIT-FCSW-KIT2 FiberChek Sidewinder MTP Probe Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIT-FCSW-KIT2

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VIAVI FIT-FCSW-KIT2 FiberChek Sidewinder MTP Probe Kit

The VIAVI (formerly JDSU) FIT-FCSW-KIT2 features the FiberChek Sidewinder™ probe with WiFi & USB connection, automated inspection tool for multifiber connectors such as MPO, plus MTP & MTP/APC bulkhead tips. With an integrated touchscreen (2.5"), auto-focus, auto-center and auto-pan/scroll up to 32 fibers, the connector inspection microscope provides test results in less than 12 seconds. It offers live fiber viewing with low and high magnification, built-in fiber end-face analysis, Pass/Fail test with audible sounds and selection of customized or standard (IEC-61300-3-35) acceptance criteria. You can store up to 1200 fiber images/100 12-fiber connectors on the tester, as well as export them to a PC or mobile device. The unit runs for 5 hours.

The FIT-FCSW-KIT2 includes the FiberChek Sidewinder probe, carry case, FCPP-OLA-1 objective lens assembly, FCPT-MTP MTP bulkhead tip, FCPT-MTPA MTP/APC bulkhead tip & tip case.

VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder Datasheet



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