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Viavi SmartPocket OLS-34 Optical Light Sources

Viavi Part No.: OLS-34

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A family of pocket-sized and low-cost optical light sources for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.

VIAVI SmartPocket™ Optical Light Sources (OLS-34, OLS-35, OLS-36, OLS-37 and OLS-38) offer up to four wavelengths laser diode stabilized light source with an excellent price/performance ratio. The OLS-3x are the ideal complementary tools to the OLP-3x to measure the insertion loss and test the continuity in multimode datacom and local area networks as well as in singlemode telecommunication, FTTH/PON and CATV-multimedia networks.


  • Rugged and pocket-sized design
  • Large display combined with an easy-to-use interface
  • Combines up to 4 wavelengths (850/1300/1310/1550 nm) in one unit
  • 3 wavelengths for singlemode applications (1310, 1550, 1490 or 1625) in one unit
  • Fixed or interchangeable connectors for maximum flexibility
  • Auto-wavelegnth and TWINTest transmission modes


  • The OLS-34 is dedicated to LAN/WAN Access and Enterprise multimode networks with 850/1300 nm.
  • The OLS-35 covers all standard singlemode Telecommunication networks applications with 1300/1550 nm
  • The OLS-36 is the quad-wavelength solution covering both multimode and singlemode wavelengths in one product
  • The OLS-37 is a 3 wavelengths singlemode source for testing FTTH/PON networks at 1310/1550 nm and 1490 nm 
  • The OLS-38 is a 3 wavelengths singlemode source for testing networks at 1310/1550 nm and 1625 nm

Key Features

  • One output port for 2 wavelengths (OLS-34, 35, 36)
  • One output port for 3 wavelengths (OLS-37, 38)
  • Covers 1625nm applications needed for NG-PON and fiber bend detection
  • Tone generator for identifying fiber under test
  • Standard 2 AA primary or rechargeable battery operation (up 30 hours)
  • Micro USB interface for power supply
  • 3-years calibration period
  • Can be part of the SmartPocket Optical Test Kits

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