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How to clean SC, ST, FC connectors and adapters using Seiko Giken's SFM250 One-Click Dry Cleaner?


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Here is Seiko Giken’s SFM-250 Ferrule Mate dry cleaner for 2.5mm ferrule fiber connectors. Such as SC, ST, FC connectors.

It has a window that shows how much cleaning tape is left over. It can clean both regular connectors and also bulkhead adapters. You can adjust the cleaning angle at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, such that you can clean the adapters on a rack at a convenient angle.

Here is how you clean a SC connector. Open the lid first, it has a white tape to clean the connector.

Just insert the connector ferrule into the center hole, press down and hold the pressure, click once and it is cleaned.

Here is the same process for a ST connector.

Here is the process for the FC connector.

It also cleans SC/APC, FC/APC connectors. There is a key label on the cleaner, you need to make sure that you keep the APC connector key aligned with this label. That is required to correctly clean APC connectors.

Here is the process for cleaning connectors inside bulkhead receptacles. For cleaning SC adapters, we need to install the SC adapter guide tip.

Make sure the SC adapter guide key is aligned with the key hole on the adapter, insert the cleaner into the adapter, keep the pressure, one click and it’s done.

This guide is only for SC adapters. We remove it when cleaning other adapters.

Remove the cover, insert it into the ST adapter, keep the pressure, one click and that’s it.

Here is the same process for FC adapter.

For APC adapters, it works the same, just make sure that the APC label is aligned with the APC key.

If the white cleaning tape gets misaligned, such as shown on this picture. We just need to push the guide in, and then realign the tape manually.

This is an universal dry cleaner for SC, ST, FC connectors. It cleans over 400 times, which costs only 10 cents per cleaning. This is a high quality product made in Japan.

We have this cleaner in stock at Order it by following the link below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube and Vimeo channel for more free fiber optic training videos!

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