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How to use a fiber optic splice tray to splice up to 24 fibers?


We have this splice tray in stock.

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This is Multilink’s Starfighter 2000-SSTA fiber splice tray. It is made of aluminum and black anodized.

This fiber splice is 11-¾ inches long, 4-⅛ inches wide, and 7/16 inches height.

You can splice up to 24 fibers spliced in this tray. It has four notches to lock the cover to the bottom.

It a foam pad on the cover to protect the fibers. Some Velcros are included to stack more fiber trays together.

It has 8 pieces of different sized and angled fiber splice sleeve holders for holding fusion splice sleeves or mechanical splice sleeves.

Some sleeve holders are left angled and some are right angled. You can peel off the red tape to expose the adhesive to stick the holders in the tray.

The first step is to remove the buffer tubes, expose at least 36 inches to 48 inches of fibers. We use this buffer tube stripper to remove the buffer tubes.

Now We can use the tie-wrap to hold the buffer tubes in the tray. Leave about ¼ inch of buffer tube after the tie wrap.

Now leave one and a half loop of each fiber.

We repeat the same process for the outgoing cable.

Now we will fusion splice together the blue fiber of the incoming cable with the blue fiber of the outgoing cable.

When the fusion splice is done, we loop the fiber back into the tray.

We then do the same for all the fibers. You can splice up to 24 fibers on this tray.

We have this fiber splice tray in stock at Order it now at the link below.

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We have this splice tray in stock.

Order it here or by clicking on the picture below!

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