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How to use a single mode 1310/1550nm dual wavelength laser light source?

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 Order 9055-0000 1310/1550nm dual wavelength single mode laser light source

Here is the 9055-0000 dual laser source in one unit, 1310 nm and 1550 nm.

This is the user guide, this is the AC power adapter, it comes with a soft carry case, some cleaning supplies, rechargeable batteries, and SC and ST adapters for the laser source.

Here is the ST adapter, and here is the SC adapter.

It comes with a FC adapter, which can be removed and replaced with other adapters.

This laser source has a USB port for you to download your test data.

Here are the three batteries, you simply remove the back cover and put the batteries in.

Let’s turn the laser source. It has an auto-off feature which turns the unit off after 15 minutes of no activity.

This lambda button switches the wavelength, now it’s 1310nm, we can switch it to 1550 nm.

This mode switch button switches the light source between 0 Hertz continuous mode, 270 Hertz pulse mode, 330 Hertz pulse mode, 1000 Hertz pulse mode and 2000 Hertz pulse mode.

This Pr button turns the laser source to its maximum output power immediately. This power up and power down button increases and decreases output power in 0.2 dB steps.

Press and hold this backlight button for 2 seconds, this backlight LED lights up, and when we press the backlight button again, it switches between backlight on and off mode.

At the back, there are some model information. The power output range is 0 dBm to negative 8 dBm.

Now let’s show you how to change the adapter.

We can screw off this FC adapter, and put on the SC adapter, or the ST adapter.

This is a lightweight, very reliable single mode laser source with 1310nm and 1550nm lasers.

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