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How to use Miller MSAT-5 buffer tube stripper?


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Miller MSAT-5 buffer tube stripper

Unlike most access tools which slit the butter tube to access the fiber, the MSAT-5 accesses the fiber by shaving a window into the buffer, allowing for safe and easy access to the fiber.

The MSAT-5 is manufactured of high density polymer, and designed to access multiple loose tube buffer sizes with no adjustment required.

With 5 stripping channels ranging in size from 1.9 to 3 mm, the MSAT-5 offers unique versatility and value not available in other tools.

  1. Selecting the correct stripping size

    Be sure the tool is closed, with its intuitive design, the MSAT-5 invites the user to select the correct stripping channel by first using the sizing grooves located on the face or top of the tool.

    Starting with the smallest number 5 channel, locate the correct slot in which the tube is fully seated.

  2. Access the fiber

    Once the correct size is identified, it’s time to remove the buffer.

    To open, hold the tool with the set screws and shaving slots facing up, the sizing notches now facing away from you.

    Push the protruding locking tab from left to right, and the lower jaw of the tool will release.

    Lay the buffered fiber into the channel directly corresponding with the pre-selected sizing notch and close the tool.

    Grasping the handle of the tool, slide the tool along the tube with a slow and steady force.

    During the shaving process, the residual buffer will be evacuated through the slot on the top of the tool.

    Once the desired stripping length has been achieved, snip the shaved buffer tube from the stripping channel, utilizing the Miller 9150 diagonal cutter.

    Open the tool by pushing the protruding locking tab from left to right, completing the stripping process.

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