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Single Mode Termination and Test Tool Kit (SC, ST, FC)
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Single Mode Termination and Test Tool Kit (SC, ST, FC)

Mooseline Part No.: F1-0053TS-FC

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Single Mode Termination and Test Tool Kit has everything you'll need to TERMINATE and TEST single mode SC, ST and FC connectors.

It has all the necessary tools to terminate epoxy and polish single mode SC, ST, FC connectors.

It also has single mode laser light source and power meter to test fiber and connectors.

Light Source

  • Single mode 1310/1550nm laser light source (PN: 9055-0000)

Power Meter

  • Power meter with adapter (PN: F1-8513HH)

Visual Fault Locator

  • Laser visual fault locator (PN: F1-9000)

Fiber Patch Cables and Adapters

  • 1x FC-SC 9/125µm single mode patch cable, 1 meter
  • 1x FC-ST 9/125µm single mode patch cable, 1 meter
  • 1x SC-SC 9/125µm single mode patch cable, 1 meter

Carrying Case

  • 1x Rugged carry case (PN: F10053HARD)

Fiber Cable Stripping Tools

  • 1x Round cable slitter (PN: MK02)
  • 1x Buffer tube stripper (PN: F1-0017)
  • 1x Jacket stripper (PN: F1-0016)
  • 1x Fiber stripper (PN: CFS-2)
  • 1x Kevlar scissors (PN: F1-KS1)

Fiber Scribe Tools

  • 1x Carbide scribe tool (PN: 9773)

Connector Crimp Tools

  • 1x Universal crimp tool for SC, ST and FC connectors (PN: F1-3227)

Connector Inspection Tool

  • 1x 200x Universal Microscope for SC, ST and FC connectors (PN: F1-VS200F25)

Connector Polishing Tools and Supplies

  • 1x Black work mat (PN: 0024)
  • 1x Glass polish plate (PN: 9111)
  • 1x Rubber polish pad (PN: PP575)
  • 1x Universal polish puck for SC, ST, FC connectors (PN: 6925UN)
  • 5x 5µm lapping film (PN: F1-0102-5S)
  • 5x 1µm lapping film (PN: F1-0102-1S)
  • 5x 0.3µm lapping film (PN: F1-0102-03S)
  • Connector termination instruction for SC, ST, FC connectors (PN: F217)
  • 1x Black marker (PN: F1-9104)
  • 1x Ruler (PN: RMC-6)
  • 1x Fabric tape measure (PN: F1-8273)

Epoxy and Dispensing Tool

  • 5x 4 gram Blue dye epoxy (PN: T60-065-B4)
  • 5x Syringes (PN: 501473-3IR5)

Safety Supplies

  • 1x Safety glasses
  • 1x Fiber disposal unit (PN: F1-8328C)

Cleaning Supplies

  • 1x Connector reel cleaner (PN: F1-7020-C)
  • 1x Piano wire (PN: F1-8265K)
  • 12x Degreaser wipes (PN: F1-1010)
  • 2oz Cleaning solvent (PN: F1-6706)
  • 50x Foam swabs (PN: F1-0005)
  • Fiber optic wipes (PN: F1-6705)

Other Utility Tools and Supplies

  • 1x Utility knife (PN: F1-0023BLK)
  • 1x Tweezers (PN: F1-0019)
  • 1x Needle nose pliers (PN: THT-1840C)
  • 1x 6" Side cutting pliers (PN: THT-2140C)
  • 1x 1/2" Nut driver (PN: 1UG30)
  • 1x 4 Bit screw driver (PN: F1-0027)
  • 1x PVC electrical tape (PN: F1-0008)
  • 1x Economy tie labels (PN: P5OLABELKIT)
  • 50x Fusion splice protection sleeves 60mm (PN: F1-1002C)
  • 1x Shrink tube kit (PN: P50TUBEKIT)
  • 1 meter 3mm furcation tube (PN: F00FR3RO)
  • 1 meter 900µm furcation tube (PN: F00FR900HW)


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