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RhinoPro Hard Case Kit (Includes RhinoPro, Hard Case, AC Adapter, 3/4" Polyester Tape)

Dymo Part No.: DY15603

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Dymo RhinoPRO 5000 Hard Case Kit 15603. (Includes RhinoPro, Hard Case, AC Adapter, 3/4" Polyester Tape)

For the fastest, easiest way to use our fastest, most professional portable worksite labeler, get hold of this complete kit, including rugged carry case.

With all you need to hit the ground running, this handy kit gives you the versatility and convenience of our most popular commercial labeling tool, two types of label cassettes, six batteries, AC adapter and instructions.†

The cornerstone of this kit is the RhinoPRO 5000. In its tough rubber bumper, RhinoPRO 500 offers genuine signs of quality including a large backlit display, battery light indicator, impact-resistant rubber bumper, awesome hot keys that help you zip your way through label-intense installations, an advanced wire gauge function and more.

What's as good as the tool itself The labels. They are easy-to-peel split-back available in flexible nylon and permanent polyester. Best of all, they're chemical, moisture, solvent, heat and smear-resistant always with powerful adhesives that won't let go.

Sign your work with the best: RhinoPRO 5000. Prints on four label widths: 3/8" (9 mm), 1/2" (12 mm) and 3/4" (19 mm) wide.†

Kit contents:

  • Hard carry case
  • RhinoPRO 5000 with impact-resistant bumper
  • One 3/4" (19mm) flexible nylon label cassette for wire and cable marking
  • One 3/4" (19mm) permanent polyester RhinoPRO label cassette for a variety of flat and textured surface
  • 6 AA batteries
  • AC adapter
  • User Manual


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