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Plastic Fiber Tool Kit

Industrial Fiber Optics Part No.: POF-KIT

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This plastic fiber tool kit provides all the tools you need to work with any type and diameter plastic fibers.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Professional plastic fiber cutter for cutting 0.75 and 1.0mm simplex and duplex jacketed or not jacketed fiber
  • 4x Extra replacement blades for the cutter
  • 10 sheets of 2000 grit polishing pape
  • 10 sheets of 3µm polishing film
  • 1x 2 oz water dispenser
  • 1x Glass polishing table
  • 1x Fiber optic/wire stripper for removing the jacket up to 22mm from the fiber end
  • 1x ST polishing puck
  • 1x Hot knife for producing clean cuts through plastic fiber of all types and diameters as an alternative to polishing

Kit is suitable for working with the following optical fiber:

  • Jacketed and unjacketed
  • Diameters ranging from .25 to 3 mm
  • Single strands or multi-fiber bundles
  • Polishing, simple cutting or hot knife terminations
  • Connector-less or connectorized

Includes instruction guide for using stripper, hot knife and completing fiber or connector polishes.

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