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DC300 Flat Cable Stripper

INNO Part No.: DC300

  • $ 95.50 or

The DC300 is a high quality, low cost indoor cable stripper with an optional blocker that precisely controls the cleave length for mechanical splicing.

This cable stripper has 4 slots to accommodate either an 18mm, 19.5mm, 22mm or 24mm cleave lengths.


  • Hand-Held Type Stripper
  • Easy one Hand Operating
  • Available For Flat Cable And 250µm Fiber
  • Anti-Slip Grip Design
  • Apllication Fiber Type: Flat Cable, 250µm Fiber
  • Blade Lifetime: Approximately 60,000 Times Strip
  • Locating Rular: Precisely Locate The Cleave Length
  • Dimension: 127*55*20
  • Weight: 100G

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