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SOFT-STRIP Ribbon Stripping Kit - 2 to 12 Fibers

Micro Electronics, Inc. Part No.: MS-SK-1

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This kit includes the patented Soft-Strip thermal stripper and components necessary for stripping the most popular ribbon types including 2-12-fiber encapsulated, bonded or ribbonized constructions. It is powered by an AC electrical adapter or by a 6V battery using our custom battery case and connecting wires.

Soft-Strip stripping tools from Micro Electronics have integral heating elements which enable them to soften and strip such coatings and insulations as MYLENE, KAPTON, TEFLON, PVC and HYTREL. The Soft-Strip system permits precise stripping of these tough coatings with less than 3 lbs. of peak pulling force for multi-fiber ribbon, and less than 1 lb. for single fiber. The result is no fiber damage and higher quality splices and connections.

Units are available for optical fiber (180-1000µm) and all standard multi-fiber ribbons (encapsulated, bonded, ribbonized and flat fiber types). Custom tools are also available.

It comes with a blade cleaning brush and a component removal and insertion tool. A variety of color-coded ribbon guides along with two ribbon stripping blade sets with 0.021 stripping capability and fiber guide locks.

One standard Soft-Strip tool will handle a wide range of fiber diameters. Simply select and install the proper cutter blade sets, fiber guides and fiber guide locks.


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