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PLP 36 Count Fusion Long Tray Splice Tray Kit with Fixed Rigid Slots

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 80805110

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Years of research and development paid off in the form of a rugged and reliable design that has become legend.

The COYOTE Splice closure is available in two sizes and this fiber-management system includes splice trays for mass or single splicing (fusion and mechanical).


  • Three-section end plate has six cable-entry ports, captive hardware, strength-member tie-off and isolated grounds, and requires no field drilling.
  • A four-cable entry-port version is also available for larger cables
  • Durable glass-filled high-density thermoplastic shells available in two diameters, 6.0 in. and 8.5 in.
  • Comes with built-in shell stabilizers and air valve
  • Field-proven, permanent neoprene gasket sealing system eliminates the need for re-entry kits. No flame is required to break the seal or to install
  • LOCK-TAPE Sealant System ensures a tightly, permanently sealed end-plate assembly and maximum sheer strength to resist cable pullout

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