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E-47-613 45mm EFL Uncoated, UV-to-NIR Corrected Triplet

Fosco Connect Part No.: E-47613

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E-47613 45mm EFL Uncoated, UV-to-NIR Corrected Triplet

Effective Focal Length EFL (mm): 45.00
Focal Length Tolerance (%): ±0.5 @ 248nm
Back Focal Length BFL (mm): 34.84
Back Focal Length BFL from Housing (mm): 33.3
Clear Aperture CA (mm): 22.5
CaF2 / Fused Silica / CaF2
Surface Quality: 60-40
f/#: 2.00
Numerical Aperture NA: 0.25
Coating: Uncoated
Effective Focal Length EFL @ 248nm (mm): 45.00
Housing Diameter (mm): 30.00 ±0.05
Housing Length (mm): 27.50 ±0.05
Type: Achromatic Triplet Lens
Wavelength Range (nm): 193 - 1000

Product Family Description

  • Calcium Fluoride and UV Fused Silica Elements
  • Broadband Color-Corrected Design from 193nm to 1000nm
  • Ideal for Fluorescence and Spectroscopy Applications

Designed with broadband applications in mind, our UV-to-NIR corrected lenses provide a consistent focal length (see chromatic shift information below) for wavelengths ranging from 193nm to 1000nm. Manufactured with premier grades of Calcium Fluoride and Fused Silica, these infinite-conjugate triplets are perfect for imaging applications utilizing a wide spectrum of wavelengths. Typical uses include fluorescence research in which the emitted light is in the visible and near infrared regions of the spectrum or in dual-pass systems in which the same lens is used to illuminate the excitation material as well as collect the emissions from it. Elements are uncoated and mounted in a 30mm diameter aluminum housing. Antireflection coatings available, however a minimum order quantity will apply.

Effective Focal Length EFL 193 - 400nm 400 - 1000nm 193 - 1000nm
Chromatic Shift RMS Spot Size Chromatic Shift RMS Spot Size Chromatic Shift RMS Spot Size
36mm 1.8mm 240μm 0.4mm 214μm 2.2mm 268μm
45mm 1.1mm 88μm 0.3mm 69μm 1.3mm 95μm
90mm 2.0mm 64μm 0.6mm 38μm 2.5mm 69μm
135mm 1.6mm 49μm 0.6mm 31μm 2.1mm 51μm
180mm 1.4mm 46μm 0.6mm 28μm 1.9mm 45μm


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