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EXFO FIP-435B-APC Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe with APC Tips

Fosco Connect Part No.: FIP-435B-APC

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EXFO FIP-435B-APC Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe with APC Tips

The EXFO FIP-435B-APC Fiber Inspection Probe features WiFi connectivity, one-step Pass/Fail function, automated focus, triple magnification, auto center and connector end-face analysis (IEC, IPC or custom standards), including MPO/MTP. It can be easily used with one hand for testing connections in FTTA, hybrid networks, DAS and other applications. The ConnectorMax2 Mobile Software (available on Android or iOS) offers live video display, screen rotation, zoom, results review on your smart device, time saving documentation & reporting features. The fully automated FIP-435B is compatible with FTB, MaxTester, PCs & Android devices. Battery provides 6 hours of continuous work.

The EXFO FIP-435B-APC includes a fiber inspection probe, universal patchcord tip for 2.5 mm ferrules APC, SC APC tip for bulkhead adapter, USB to micro USB cable, rechargeable battery, USB AC adapter, protective cap & cord assembly, plastic case for tips & soft pouch.

EXFO FIP-400B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe Datasheet



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