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MicroCare MCC-MLCWR MultiClean 70% Alcohol Wipes Refill, 100/Bag

Fosco Connect Part No.: 213X205

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MicroCare MCC-MLCWR MultiClean 70% Alcohol Wipes Refill, 100/Bag

The MicroCare® MCC-MLCWR MultiClean™ Alcohol Wipes are a refill for the MCC-MLCW re-usable tub (213x180, sold separately). Lint-free, non-corrosive and skin-safe wipes are made of strong polyester fabric. They contain 70% high purity USP grade alcohol and 30% deionized water. The mild cleaning wipes will effectively clean PCBs and other electronics, insulators, cables, connectors, workbenches, machinery, desktops, as well as remove most solder pastes and fluxes. The presaturated wipes also clean organic and ionic residue fingerprints, uncured epoxy residue, light oils and grease. The liquid evaporates fast, leaving the surface dry and clean.

100 wipes (5"x8" each) are packaged in a disposable foil bag. Unlimited shelf-life. 100% VOC. Flammable.

Warning: The bag is NOT resealable. After opening put the wipes into the re-usable tub.

All products containing isopropyl alcohol are non-returnable.

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