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Sumitomo FC-6R Precision Cleaver For Single & Mass Fiber

sumitomo Part No.: FC6RMC

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Sumitomo FC-6R series precision fiber optic cleavers feature automatic rotating blade. Because the blade rotates on its own, blade adjustment is not necessary until the entire blade is used and must be replaced.

FC-6R series is the flagship of the FC-6 series. "R" stands for "Rotating" and as its name shows, the FC-6R series has a rotating blade. Applying a rotating blade, a blade adjustment will not be required until the end of blade life.

The FC-6RM-C is the industry's 1st and Only 1 to 12-Fiber Cleaver with Automatic Blade Rotation, eliminating the error-prone process of height and blade adjustments for high precision cleaves.


  • Cleaves single fibers and 12 fiber ribbons
  • Typical Cleave Angle = 0.5 degrees with single fiber
  • Includes fiber scrap bin
  • Automatic blade rotation

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