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T-PS992-A - Dove Prism, 15 mm, N-BK7, ARC: 350 - 700 nm

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-PS992-A

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T-PS992-A - Dove Prism, 15 mm, N-BK7, ARC: 350 - 700 nm

  • AR Coated for the 350 nm to 700 nm Wavelength Range
  • Available in One Size: A = 15 mm, L = 63.4 mm 
  • Rotate or Invert an Image

This Dove prism has a 15 mm square cross section and an AR coating for 350 to 700 nm deposited on the two angled faces . This coating provides an average reflectance of <1% over the specified wavelength range. For a plot of the reflectance versus wavelength, please see the Graphs tab. 

The two angled faces of a Dove prism are typically used together to rotate an image. With an AR coating on both angled faces, this prism is specifically designed for image inversion and rotation. The angled faces and longest face of this Dove prism are optically polished surfaces. All other surfaces are fine ground to permit handling of the prism.

AR Coating Specifications
Item # T-PS992-A
Wavelength Range 350-700 NM
Reflectance Over AR Coating Range
(Avg., AOI = 45° with Respect to
the Coated Surface)
AR-Coated Surfaces S1 and S2




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