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Splice Closure – How to Choose?

You can order fiber splice closure here: Outside Plant Closures Question: What factors should I know before I decide on a splice closure for an OSP installation? Answer: 1) First of all you have to know your splice closure application. Is it aerial installation? Or is it buried installation? And so forth. 2) Know your splice Count and splice type – How many fiber splices does the closure need to hold? Are they fusion splices, mechanical splices or a combination of both? Some closures can be purchased with additional sealed ports that can be opened to accommodate new fibers that

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Corning PCH-01U Pretium Rack Mountable 1U Fiber Optic Splice and Patch Panel Installation

Fiber Optics For Sale Co. carries Corning Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel in stock. You can get them here: Or by clicking on on the picture below. >> General Description The PCH-01U Pretium rack-mountable housing has a capacity of 96 fibers. It fits into 19-inch rack and occupies 1U (rack unit) space. Here is how the housing looks. The fiber patch panel dimensions are 17 x 12 x 1.75 inch, the weight is 5 lbs. >> Product Contents: Here is the list of contents in the package. PCH-01U Pretium 1U housing with 2 mounting brackets 1x Unit Identification

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Fiber Optic Cable Installation Guidelines

You can get Fiber Optic Cable Installation Tools from Fiber Optics For Sale Co. >> Installation Specifications For a proper cable installation, it is important to understand the cable specifications. The two most important specifications are tensile loading and bend radius. It is very important to adhere to these limits. > Tensile Loading There are two tension specifications for fiber optic cables. The important tension for installation is the maximum load the cable can be subjected to without causing permanent damage. We call it the “maximum load installation” and it is measured in Newtons or pounds. The “maximum load installation”

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Fiber Optic Patch Panel – How to Choose and How to Install

You can get Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel or Wall Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel from Fiber Optics For Sale Co. >> What is a fiber optic patch panel? Fiber optic patch panel is also called fiber distribution panel. Its main function is to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide connection access to the cable’s individual fibers. Fiber patch panels are termination units, which are designed to provide a secure, organized chamber for housing connectors and splice units. Fiber patch panels are available in  rack mounted or wall mounted and are usually placed near terminating equipment (within patch

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Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant Selection Guide

You can get fiber cable pulling lubricant from Fiber Optics For Sale Co. There are a large variety of fiber cable pulling lubricant on the market for different applications, which type should you choose for  your current project? This brief selection guide make this decision much easier for you. Polywater Lubricant J A clean, slow-drying, water-based gel. Lubricant J provides maximum tension reduction in all types of cable pulling. It is especially recommended for long pulls and pulls in a hot environment. Lube J dries to form a thin lubricating film that retains its slip for months after use. J

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