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What is Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunication Systems?

>> Why Do We Need Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunication Systems? With the increasing demand for computer network installations, telecommunications grounding and bonding has become a growing opportunity for electrical contractors. Although similar grounding principles apply, understanding the telecommunications terminology and special considerations has been a challenge. As with traditional electrical grounding, telecommunications networks and equipment should be grounded to the electrical service. However, simply grounding to structural steel isn’t enough when tackling telecommunications systems. The sensitivity of the electronic equipment requires that the telecommunications cabling and power be effectively equalized to prevent loops or transients that can damage the

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Higher-Order Optical Modulation Methods for 40G and 100G High Speed Networks

>> What is Higher-Order Modulation Method? A range of newly developed fundamental communications technologies must be employed in order to reliably transmit signals of 40/43 Gbps and even 100 Gbps in the near future using telecommunications networks. One of these technologies involves the use of higher-level modulation methods on the optical side, similar to those which have been used for many years successfully on the electrical side in xDSL broadband access technology, for example. Until now, just one modulation method was used for transmission rates of up to 10 Gbps, namely on/off keying or OOK for short. Put simply, this

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