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How to Take Care of Fiber Optic Connectors

>> Fiber Optic Connectors Are Fragile All fiber optic connectors should be taken care of as a high quality lens of a good camera. Even a small fingerprint can lead to big trouble. The weak link in many fiber optic communication systems, and in optical instrument reliability, is the use and care of the fiber optic connector. After so many years of improvement, current fiber connectors are so easy to use, that people tend to be vigilance in connector care and cleaning. However, remember this, it only takes ONE time of a missed cleaning for a piece of grit to

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Fiber Optic Adapter Cleaning

In the late 1990s, Telcordia Technologies studied the reliability of fiber optic enclosures in outside plant environment (field enclosures). They assembled a report on the benefits of fiber connection cleaning in those fiber optic OSP enclosures. The statistics showed a significant improvement after connector and adapter cleaning. Fiber optic adapters (mating sleeves) are used to mechanically connect two fiber connectors. A fiber adapter consists of two main parts: the connector alignment sleeve and the adapter housing. Connector alignment sleeve is usually a split “C” and is made from a hard, low-wear material such as Zirconia (a type of ceramic )

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How to Clean Mini/MicroVAMs with Seikoh Giken’s Ferrule Male Cleaner

Buy/order Seikoh Giken Ferrule Mate here Ferrule Mate is a type of dry cloth cleaning tool from Seikoh Giken. It can be used in the field or in the factory. It is a complete solution to effectively clean both ferrules within adapters (female connectors) and cable assemblies (male connectors). :: Ferrule Mate Cleaner Description           :: Step by Step Instruction for Cleaning Ferrule Inside Adapter (Female Connector) 1) Remove dust cap from adapter   2) Remove protective cap from Ferrule Mate cleaner. Align Ferrule Mate cleaning guide with respective adapter.   3) Insert cleaning tip straight

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How to Take Care of Fiber Optic Connectors – Keep it Clean

Buy Fiber Optic Connectors Here Buy Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Supplies Here It is hard to conceive of the size of a fiber optic connector core. Single mode fibers have cores that are only 8~9um in diameter. As a point of reference, a typical human air is 50~75um in diameter, approximately 6-9 times larger. Dust particles can be 20um or larger in diameter. Dust particles smaller than 1um can be suspended almost indefinitely in the air. A 1um dust particle landing on the core of single mode fiber can cause up to 1dB of loss. Larger dust particles, 9um or

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Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning – Why is it so important?

Reliable optical networks require clean connectors. Any time one connector is mated to another, both connectors should be properly cleaned and inspected. Dirty connectors are the biggest cause of increased back-reflection and insertion loss in connectors, including angled polish connectors. A dirty ultra polish connector with a normal return loss of >55dB can easily have >45dB reflectance if it is not cleaned properly. Similar comparisons can be made with angled polish connectors. This can greatly affect system performance, especially in CATV applications where carrier-to-noise ratios (CNR) are directly related to signal quality. In order to ensure that both connectors are

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