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Facility Considerations for the Data Center

>> Cisco Enterprise Data Center Network Architecture The Cisco Enterprise Data Center Network Architecture – a comprehensive, adaptive network architecture designed by Cisco Systems for agile IT support of business needs – critically depends upon underlying physical facilities to provide the power, cooling, physical housing, cabling, physical security, and fire protection that allow IT to function reliably and seamlessly. This tutorial presents strategies for designing those facilities to support the emerging virtualized computing environment.   >> Introduction The Cisco Enterprise Data Center Network Architecture supports an IT organization’s immediate demands for consolidation, business continuance, and security while enabling emerging service-oriented

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What are Data Centers?

>> What are Data Centers? Data Centers house critical computing resources in controlled environment and under centralized management, which enable enterprises to operate around the clock or according to their business needs. These computing resources include: Mainframes Web and application servers File and printer servers Messaging servers Application software and the operating systems that run them Storage subsystems Network Infrastructure (IP or Storage-Area Network (SAN)) Applications range from internal financial and human resources to external e-commerce and business-to-business applications. Additionally, a number of servers support network operations and network-based applications. Network operation applications include: Network Time Protocol (NTP) TN3270 FTP

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