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Cheetah Splice-On Fiber Connector Installation/Assembly Instructions

The new Cheetah Splice-On Connector (SOC) is the quickest pre-polished factory terminated pigtail to prepare, splice and install. The Cheetah’s 25mm splice protection sleeve is encapsulated and protected by the strain relief boot, eliminating the need for splice trays, chips, and extra cabinets. The universal holder allows for the flexibility of use with the industry’s best fiber optic fusion splicers such as Alcoh Fujikura (AFL), Sumitomo Electric and Fitel. This feature allows the user to ensure low loss splices. The fiber pigtail is less than 2 inches in length and is pre-cleaved for direct insertion into a fusion splicer, and

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How to Choose the Correct Fiber Optic Connector

You got a fiber cable installation job on hand, great! Now you have to choose the parts for the job, from fiber cable, splice and patch enclosure, to innerduct and everything else. But wait, what type of connector should you use? Should you choose a quick termination connector such as 3M Hot Melt, or the traditional epoxy and polish connector, or the brand new splice-on connectors as those from AFL and Sumitomo? The selection of appropriate "assembly style" fiber connector can directly affect your installation quality and cost. Now let’s look at your options. ============================================================================ 1) Traditional Epoxy and Polish

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Fiber Optic Connector Applications

:: What is the difference between UPC and APC fiber optic connectors ? By definition, the above are acronyms for the following: UPC: Ultra Physical Contact APC: Angled Physical Contact The typical reason for the APC connector is a lower light reflectance. Nominal specification are as follows: -55 dB for UPC connectors versus -65 dB for APC connectors This makes APC cables ideal for system components that are light-sensitive. The design of an APC connector results in less insertion loss (0.2 dB) at the interface. :: PC, UPC and APC fiber optic patch cable assemblies Usually we hear about descriptions

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LC Fiber Connector Specifications

You can get LC connectors from Fiber Optics For Sale Co. by clicking the link here:   :: What are LC Fiber Connectors? LC connector was developed by Lucent Technologies and is a more evolutionary approach to achieving the goals of a SFF (small form factor) connector. LC connector utilizes traditional components of a SC duplex connector having independent ceramic ferrules and housings with the overall size scaled down by one half. The LC family of connectors includes a stand-alone simplex design; a “behind the wall” (BTW) connector; and the duplex connector available in both single mode and multimode

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Sumitomo Lynx Splice-On Connector Detailed Installation Instruction

This procedure describes the installation of Sumitomo Lynx CustomFit Splice-On 2mm & 3mm jacket fiber connectors, both UPC polish and APC polish. :: Sumitomo Splice-On Connector Specifications Fiber Type: 9/125um Single mode fiber, 50/125um multimode fiber and 62.5/125um multimode fiber Fiber Cable Jacket Type: 2mm & 3mm Connector Type: SC Insertion Loss: <0.3dB (both UPC & APC polish types) Return Loss: <-40dB (UPC), <-60dB (APC) Color: Blue (UPC), Green (APC)   :: Sumitomo Splice-On Connector Components 1. Ferrule 2. Outer Housing 3. Inner Housing 4. Spring 5. Rear Housing 6. Crimp Ring 7. Strain Relief (Boot) 8. Protection Tube 9.

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